It's about time for me, to publish a new entry here, true enough, and, also, to be a part of the Sound Cloud Network.
First of all, it's definite easier for you to listen tracks and easier for me to upload them, so, I guess, from now, the new tracks will be exclusively published on Sound Cloud (even if I still allow myself to change my mind later...).

So, here is the link :

This additional network is not a deception to close this blog without saying it, (by the way, it's not that alive, so, difficult to kill...), it's more a way that I'm back on business! I mean, I never really quit, I just moved to another country recently, which explain a lot the silent period here (and, also, I lost my password... which is shameful enough to not say more about it... especially on how I managed to get it back... ssssshhhhhhhh......)