Hum.... Not really sure... :)

Bah, actually, yes, it's just that I'm desperately trying to translate to old and new post here in English and, no need to lie to myself anymore, I will never have the time... Yep, that's it... So, that mean, I'll keep focus on the French side of this blog (mostly because I've got a way more French reader) and only post here the new tracks. Speaking about that, it makes a while I haven't post anything. True. Two reasons, first, I haven't been very productive these last few months because I still haven't found again where my sources of inspirations have hidden themselves (I'm keep searching ;-þ) and also, I am injured since November. My left hand is still not ready to play the guitar yet, which is very annoying.

But, surprisingly, I'm posting a lot of English posts on Google+ about.... nothing and everything, but, at least, it's more regular and, obviously, when I'll made new things, you'll be notice : Aliera e'Kieron on G+

Cya! :)