tachikoma-motoko.jpg Okay, so.... Hum... Let’s say that…. I’ve been busy. Hey, come on, it’s true, I even haven’t been on holiday actually, I had other concerns so, I haven’t got the time to take care of this blog. Finally, don’t worry, you will be rewarded (yes, really), since it's not one but two new songs which have been available for download. Both pieces date from the month of March .... So, yes, well, talking about that, it's been a while since I lost my inspiration and my desire to play. It has disappeared. It is not dramatic eh, there are always good times and bad times, especially when you’re talking about making music, and now, I’m deeply in a fucking dead period where I can’t create anything and the little that is produced is fucking shitty (and, I usually don’t even dare to save it…).
So then here I come away from the old tracks (although not so old eh, they are even more recent than a lot of others), but in these two, I put the heart and my guts, let me say!
You probably already noticed, this is two pieces based on Ghost In The Shell, and especially on the Tachikoma.
For me it's almost my favorite(s) character(s) of the series, I am in perfect harmony with these little things and if I took my biggest emotional slap with Gits, it’s mainly because and thanks to the Tachikoma! (Besides, it's not that I’m falling back into childhood, but if somecome found this version of tinycutie Tachikoma Plush , I'd be very grateful ....)
..... Haem ....

Well, FYI, I ordered the yellow version because the blue and Sold out because ... Anyway…. it's driving completely crazy, gosh...

So the two pieces that we have here, first things:

Tachikoma No Ghost

I think this song is becoming my anthem for the Tachikoma, I've tried to put inside what inspire me this creatures, and, I'm quite happy of the result. I just hope it's not because of a lack of objectivity (or ego... who knows....)
Its an electro / indus track, not so violent, a slow rhythm with a calm introduction, a couple of change between the heavy, the weak, and the grandiloquent. At least, a part of what I'm thinking and feeling about the Tachikoma.... Ok, I've got other tracks which are in progress about the same characters (but, anyway, I couldn't but everything in this only one ;))

My friend Seb le Noir with his Jew's Harp from the Nazbrock Crew is playing on this song, a little sample which match perfectly with the atmosphere. He has already played something on Take Off and he is back!

It is entirely possible that I depart to my golden rule and I do, one day, a new version of this song, given the level of perfection of the Tachikoma, I am still far from it and they deserve it, so, maybe, one day....

Moving to the second:

Isamashii Tachikoma / 勇ましい タチコマ

This song was called Hopeless before because it contains samples of two most lacrimatory scene in my whole video library. However, it's not really what's going on in the track but completely the opposite, because, of course it's sad (damn, it's fucking sad when I’m thinking about it ... * sniff *) but it is mostly about self-sacrifice, courage and resolution that emerges from the history. And also the song that has gained a little violence and determination over of creation. So, it changed its name to Isamashii Tachikoma which simply means, more or less valiant or brave in English, which, ultimately, is a much better way to describe the feelings in here.

And then, as the other, this song contains a lot of imperfections compare to Tachikoma , so I think that one day a new version could emerge.

That is, if you saw that this blog does not shine by its frequency of publication at this time, too, have for now abandoned the idea of developing the download area, given the short time I have to spend and the value added of the thing, the project is canceled for now and the link bar at the top take you directly to the actual page (especially since I'm fighting with VB.NET, and do not laugh, I feel very moderately to put myself in php in the evening ).
Also, I will try to do a report of the Sepultura concert yesterday (before Samael, In Flames and Dark Tranquility in the months to come.... I'll try not be too late), also, it is likely that the English translations of parts two and three on the Hellfest report will never be... I really miss time and it will actually be not really good if I try at all costs to make them, I will continue to translate the new blog’s note, but for these two, it's probably dead .... Too much work and not enough time to do it.

That’s all folks! Good listening!

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