I should have written this note few days ago because this track is already available to be downloaded, but, better late than never. This is probably my first noisy and chaotic track. I wanted to do something a little bit frightening and which can be use as well as an ambient song for a short movie or a role play game (or, merely, to scare your neighbors). I called it Take Off because I found that it can make you fly beyond something... It's up to you, you'll tell me if it works for you.

There's a guest on this track, Seb Le Noir who is playing the Jew's harp which is really helpful to increase to dark ambiance and give a weirder feeling to this track.

As I said, it's my first song of the genre, probably not the last one. It was really pleasant to compose it (the only inconvenient is it takes me one hour to create it and a lot of more time to change several details to fit well to what I had in mind.... I hope it won't be the same process every time.... but, I seriously doubt about it)

Download the song