Under which license are those tracks?
Every tracks are under the Creative Common license, you've got the right to download them, distribute and use them for your projects (as soon as you mention the origin, the author, and, if possible, ask my opinion previously :)), of course, the most interesting would probably be to contact me and ask for original tracks which can match to your projects.

Merely send me a mail on aliera.project(at)yahoo.com

Which kind of tracks could be asked?
I'm rather influenced by the Metal / Indus / Tekno Hardcore, nevertheless, I also do some Noise, Ambient, ebm.... Anyway, I try to be quite various and, be sure I'll do my best to fit to your wishes.

What can I find here?
Tracks, of course, but also things I love and I want to spare, in litterature, movie, culture and so on...