What is Aliera Project?
Basically, it's my side project dedicated to movie sound tracks or video game sound tracks. I've got a friend who give me the chance to make the OST of his second short movie (thank you Bastien!), and, I have to say, it was a really exciting experience to be a member of such a team and such a project. I loved it! After several other experiences, in bands or sound systems, I wanted to do something different, and, movies' OST is just what I need.

Why is this blog for?
Actually, I'm playing music and making songs since, at least ten years (I was young when I began to record tracks...), I've got a lot of unknown songs and I want to use them to promote what I'm able to do to see if I can seduce some creative persons whom want to give me a chance to participate in different projects. Of course, you'll find several other things on this blog, I want to use this blog to spare what I like too and shared my favorite things!

Aliera isn't from my own, it's a character from Steven Brust books, a really good writer (a fan of Zelazny... which is startlingly a good point) who I like a lot. If you don't know him yet and if you like Fantasy literature, I strongly recommend Steven Brust... Anyway, I'll probably speak more about him in an other note on this blog!

Who am I?
Hmm.... A musician... I guess.... :) I'll speak about me later... probably.... huhu...