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Thursday 16 February 2012

Knock, knock.... Is there still someone here?

Hum.... Not really sure... :)

Bah, actually, yes, it's just that I'm desperately trying to translate to old and new post here in English and, no need to lie to myself anymore, I will never have the time... Yep, that's it... So, that mean, I'll keep focus on the French side of this blog (mostly because I've got a way more French reader) and only post here the new tracks. Speaking about that, it makes a while I haven't post anything. True. Two reasons, first, I haven't been very productive these last few months because I still haven't found again where my sources of inspirations have hidden themselves (I'm keep searching ;-þ) and also, I am injured since November. My left hand is still not ready to play the guitar yet, which is very annoying.

But, surprisingly, I'm posting a lot of English posts on Google+ about.... nothing and everything, but, at least, it's more regular and, obviously, when I'll made new things, you'll be notice : Aliera e'Kieron on G+

Cya! :)

Tuesday 25 October 2011

I know, I know...

Well yeah... I'm sure you didn't believe it anymore? To be honest, me neither, in fact, almost two and a half months without any updates, we could declare this blog dead and buried, but yet...
Nevertheless, a new note just arrive (as you can see....) and probably more are to be expected from now, according to the rhythms of flow and undertow of my inspiration. I have to say that lately I haven't been very prolific, musically speaking, while still active, however. But hey, if it's not the things I have created, I can always throw everyone else's work in the meantime, hehe. Well, of course, I always reserve a few pieces, but the web is full of neat stuff that I can show you that I think to mix all that in the coming weeks, depending on the time I'll have available to ... I have a youtube channel now also, I should think about updating that to, and, not to forget that my myspace is an emergency need of updating and, frankly, I lack the time and especially the motivation to do this kind of stuff, but hey....
After all, you did not seem too impatient, so, I can take my time ... :)

Friday 24 June 2011

Desynchronization between English and French versions

I'm writing a couple of articles about the Hellfest which are quite long to do (and, I've got some problems to remember everything or choose what I should put in my report and what I shouldn't.... huhu), so, for the moment, I'm only writing those in French. So, obviously, there will be some differences between the French version and the English version of the blog, I hope I'll have the time to translate everything as soon as possible. But, do not worry, just because it's easier for me to write in French doesn't mean I've planned to stop updating the English version :)

I haven't got a lot of time to make new tracks either, I hope I'll be able to fix it in the future (new tracks and new articles!). Just be patient! ;)

Tuesday 29 March 2011

The WebRadio is online

Thanks to the Kek software, I had the opportunity to install a WebRadio on this blog, which can be used by the link Listen to the Radio on the top of this site.

Tracks have been encoded in a bit lower quality (but, 96kHz / Dual Channel, it's still quite good to listen in streaming) but there's more.... hinhin, Yes! There's more tracks available in the radio than in the Downloading section, I don't know if it will be always like that but, for the moment, I hope it pleased you! There's still some details to change (like colors, font... stuff like that...), but, at least, it's working and you can listen to the tracks.

If you want to install a WebRadio on your blog or your website, you can have a glimpse on Zanorg, the Kek's website, everything is explain, it's probably the most simple things and the most efficient you can find. Easy and quick to install, I highly recommend it!

Wednesday 9 March 2011


Hehe, it looks like there's a new post every day.... Don't worry, I'll go slow down soon :)

So, as you've probably seen, there's several new links in the blogosphere section. It'll become bigger and bigger with the time, I've just put some good one, just as a first course.

I've uploaded a new track also, you can pick it in the Downloading Section, I haven't take the time to write a little note to introduce this new track, but, it'll be done soon (actually, two tracks are still needing a note....).

And about the Downloading Section I promised.... hmmm.... It's in progress.... The database is already built, but I've just started to program the pages, so, there's still a lot of work to do and I don't know when it'll be finish. I try to do it as soon as possible (because, even for me, the soon it's made the less work I've got to integrate it!)

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