Towel_dna.jpgYeah!!! It's today! The great towel day!!! Wouhou !!!

What is that? Another mercantile commemoration you think, created by a strange publicist for an industry in crisis, or, maybe a crazy idea that have germinated in a plagist's mind. Nay! This is a tribute to the writer of the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams , who passed away May 25 (today so, for those who do not follow) 2011.

Douglas Adams is best known to the general public thanks to the film adaptation of his bestseller , but, let me tell you that his cycle (which has actually 5 books, each more hilarious than others!) has scored the Geek/ SF culture. Have you ever heard someone say "42!" to answer a trivial question, or tell you about the restaurant at the end of the universe, without forgetting, of course, the famous towel!

I will be happy to.... let you discover by yourself (mostly because..... errrh... I don't have enough time to do a long note today, even if it is not envy that I am missing .. . I promise I'll make a valuable note about Douglas Adams soon, of course if I could have done it today, it would have been better, but hey, eh ....) the work of this author, and today the easiest way is probably to participate to the celebrations!!! I know that there's some funny things planned for the Parisians (towel fight, towel throwing, H2G2 introduction...) at 19h30 at the Arènes de Lutèce . You can do some research on the Internet, but it's less funny (except if you want to buy his books, that's worth it!)

All information on this day are available here , and if you want to have a look on the french website of the Grand Order of the Towel .

I wish you good towel day to all of you guys!l!