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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Hellfest Report - First part - Thursday 16 & Friday 17 of june 2011

logo_hellfest_2011.png Sadly, it was inevitable that one day it ends... So here I am back in the gloom of Paris. After several years without any festival, Hellfest was a breath of fresh air. So happy to find again this atmosphere, see friends I haven't seen for a long time and, obviously, see so many bands!

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Monday 23 May 2011

Start the riot, Start the riot.... NOWWWWW!!!!!! - ATR Live report - Paris 15/05/2011

Atari-Teenage-Riot_Logo.jpgThat was the last week, a quiet Sunday evening in Paris, which followed an exhausting weekend, which has already followed a week where sleep had failed more than once ... Long story short, I was on the ball, half dozing while watching an anime with my ticket for Atari Teenage Riot in one hand and probably already a small trickle of drool on the pillow.

Aaaah .... ATR, the legendary group that was probably one of the major key links in my travels between the Metal and the Hardcore Techno (and vice versa) and that influenced my musical tastes as much as my own style. However, strange as it may seem, I must admit that ATR, I know quite badly. Of course, if I know by heart iconic songs such as Into the Death, Start the Riot, Revolution Action, Sick to Death, there are many others that I don't know. Nevertheless, as it won't change anything if there's one more contradiction, let me tell you I rushed to buy my ticket without thinking twice when I knew that ATR will come to France, even though I knew there won't be anyone among my friends or acquaintances to go there with me (on the contrary, for example, despite my neurotic fanaticism for Machinae Supremacy and Children of Bodom, I've tried for ages to convince a friend to join me for their last concert, and, eventually, I went to buy my ticket the day where it was sold out ...)

Anyway, I'm here on my couch in a post-neurasthenia alcoholic state trying to ask me if it is well worth to go until Ménilmontant and see a group of major influence in my life I don't know really well and for which I've bought my ticket two months before while there was still probably some to buy the day before.... But... For fuck sake, come on, it's A-T-R!!!!.
Five minutes later, I was in the metro, listening to Rammstein and on my way for the Maroquinerie. Of course, I wasn't in a super shape when I arrive and, despite a beer my capability to socialize remains at a relatively low level. But who cares, anyway, I'm late, the concert should start soon, I hold in my corner and I wait .... Not long, actually, as my glass is always half full, the lights go down and electrified the crowd slowly.

And wham! Alec and Nic arrived on scene, needless to say anything, just, start the concert, NOW! (actually, I have to say I was convinced that it would be Hannin on stage because I thought she's the one who had more or less pioneered the idea of ​reform ATR .... So, it takes me a little time to perceive that in fact no, it was Nic who was howling his guts!)
I found the Parisian public quite long to warm up. Yet on stage, everything is there, the sound, energy, experience, rage ... It rox! Nothing wrong. Maybe that Sunday evening in Paris, everybody is a bit sluggish... (Well, for once, I must note that I managed to find a second breath and then I'm really glad I move the buttocks, but still, it's not enough... I'm not a crowd by myself...)

Bah, never mind, maybe the pit is filled with zombies, that doesn't stop ATR to be determined to wake up their little zombies' hearts thanks to some powerful musical electroshock.... And I must admit that it was a very effective because, although the Maroquinerie is a small room, it ended up sounding choruses and bounds of a public free of his chains, excited and screaming the lyrics of the aforementioned famous songs. To sum up the experience, let just say that I've found the best of hardcore Teuf of my youth (sic), Antidote, SAS, Nawak, MF, Teknomad (ok, it's only french ones... So, except if you were familiar of the former French teknival, you probably don't know them) coupled with my most intense musical experiences (Tool, Yamato, Nine Inch Nails, In Flames .... Just to name a few ...). It was a pure moment of happiness (except maybe the excessive use of strobes by the lil guy to the regulated light ...).
After one hour, a pretty strange thing happen, Alec disappeared .... uh? where is he? And get back a good ten minutes later, wearing a big hoodie (and, in the Maroquinerie, let me tell you, it's pretty hot there....). Original ....
Well, actually, few minutes later he says he was ill, he threw up in a corner of the backstage and he suspected a small food poisoning the day before while they were traveling from Enland to France.... Well, why not... :) And happily add "now, I'm ALL RIIIIIIIIGHT !!!!!!!!!" before unleashed hell.
And wham! Again! Our ears are experimenting new sounds, ATR leave the scene and the Maroquinerie screams in frustration, ATR returns, and all Paris is trembling under the feet of dancers .

Then there comes a time when Atari goes .... and never return .... The lights come back and I stay in my corner saying "Wow ......" Musical orgasm .... Great two hours concert, despites an, apparently, tremendous session the previous day in Bristol which has been appreciate by more than one guy , a superb performance, a real treat ... I needed few minutes to leave the room, I was stuck, ATR was just giving back my brain the full control and it took few minutes to be able to think normally after the tornado.

I get back haggard, returned happy and I had a really good night :)